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DoubleLoop pulls in the type of product change from Jira or GitHub. Or you can edit it manually.

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Set your primary color in your organization settings.

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Does your team use Conventional Commits? We reward you handsomely for doing so. DoubleLoop generates your changelog automatically based on data you already have in GitHub. We parse your commit messages to clean up the names and adds labels such as "Feature" or "Fix." For each week, we highlight the features and summarize all the other updates in a bulleted list below.

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When you inform users of a new feature, give them a clear next step by prompting folks to "See the demo!", "Read the docs!", or "See it action!" Name the call-to-action however you want and point it to any URL.

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Sometimes a feature or fix is worth mentioning to your customers, but it doesn't require a prominent treatment. Now, you can share a list of "Minor updates" for each week in your changelog.

Minor updates

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DoubleLoop now sends automated digest emails. It's a great way to stay on top of launch activity at your company or share updates with your customers.

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Until today, you could use DoubleLoop to build an internal changelog for your company. Now, you can use DoubleLoop to build public changelogs to share directly with your customers, stakeholders, or investors. This page is an example!

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If your team references the Jira or Clubhouse Id in pull requests or commits, it now appears as "related work" in your internal changelog. For engineers, it helps you understand the business context of code changes. For product managers, it helps you understand the effort involved with each product change.

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Thanks to our new Zapier integration, you can now add events to your internal changelog when you, for example, send a newsletter via Hubspot or Tweet. Coupled with our Google analytics integration, it's a powerful way to show the impact of your marketing initiatives.

Minor updates

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At DoubleLoop, we use Clubhouse, an alternative to Jira. You can now automatically build your internal changelog based on Clubhouse data. For example, we created a "view" of our completed feature stories. It makes it super fast to curate this public changelog.

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We've invested a lot in capturing valuable info about the product change events that we import from your tools. You can now see more of this info in the Slack notifications.

Find everything that a person contributed, searching across multiple tools at once.

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Automatically build your internal changelog with Jira data. Create filtered views, connect them to slack, and share with stakeholders or customers.

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We automatically pull in contributors from your tools so you can give props to your team members.

Minor updates

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Use DoubleLoop to send the right notifications to the right people. For example, send a message everytime code gets pushed to production or when I feature is marked as completed. Or curate a stream of only the big product launches.

We filter out the noise from bot code merges (like dependabot) so you can focus on the product changes that matter.

Minor updates

Build a timeline of your product with GitHub data.