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Diagram your product strategy

Major update
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To run a metrics-driven product development process, you must have a clear thesis for how your work relates to metrics.

You can now use DoubleLoop to diagram the connections between your workstreams and the leading and lagging indicators that drive your business. Mapping your work and metrics (1) is a great way to align your team around your product strategy and (2) is the perfect entry point to using DoubleLoop.

Would you like free consulting to create a metrics-driven product development process? We’d love to help and use it as an opportunity to refine our product.

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After iterating on your front-end for a while, it starts to burst at the seams. Entropy.

So we launched a new UX. It's a fresh, more spacious canvas for future iteration. Among the improvements, check out the new visual for correlating product changes with metrics changes.

Minor updates