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Enhanced Google Analytics integration

Major update
3482 screenshot

Now you have much more control over which metrics you can pull into DoubleLoop from Google Analytics. You can configure the property, metric, and segment for each metric.

3479 screenshot

When you're visually communicating your product strategy, details matter. Now you can manually adjust the position of nodes on your map to organize it exactly as you want.

Be sure to click "Save map" after you make an adjustment to save the node positions.

3484 screenshot

You can now specify the person on your team who is focused on a particular metric. The avatar of the metric owner appears on the strategy map.

We're planning to do lots more with this in the future, like sending the metric owner automated updates on the performance of their metric.

3483 screenshot

It's now faster to make connections between nodes on your strategy map. Simply draw the connections.

3481 screenshot

You can share product updates to Slack with DoubleLoop either manually or automatically by connecting a workstream to a Slack channel.

We improved how the Slack shares look.

3480 screenshot

You can now populate your metrics in DoubleLoop based on data from Google BigQuery.

Minor updates