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Self-serve CSV upload

Major update
3501 screenshot

Our new CSV upload tool is a great way to get lots of metric data into DoubleLoop without integrating your tools or using our API.

You can use it to make a proof-of-concept map or as a regular workflow for importing data.

3500 screenshot

It's now easy to change the name of a strategy.

3499 screenshot

Quickly delete connections on your map by clicking the connection to select it and then hitting "delete" on your keyboard.

3503 screenshot

A strategy is based on assumptions. We're making it easier to judge the strength of your assumptions with "correlations scores" between metrics. For example, we show you how correlated or uncorrelated your input metrics are with your North Star metric.

The correlation scores are between -1 and 1. "1" means perfect correlation and "-1" means inverse correlation.

If your North Star is inversely correlated with a business KPI, you probably need a different North Star.

Minor updates