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This PR covers a couple of link clean ups in the docs on headless CMS as well as building with components.

Related Issues

See sc-43825 for details and I snuck in sc-43822 as well

EDIT: After some discussion / push back to removing links to starters altogether, I wanted to present two options: 1. Stick to our guns of only showcasing (I'd say including in the latest version of our docs qualifies as showcasing) Gatsby v4 starters. This would mean adding two more links that I missed in my first pass to include wordpress and shopify starter links. 2. Include links to all the starters we know regardless of Gatsby version in use, and indicate which version within the link itself. Example can be seen here: Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 2 50 01 PM

EDIT 2: After discussion with the DX squad, we've elected to move forward with only linking to starters that are on v4 and take on the responsibility of updating this docs page as starters for these CMSs are created that use v4