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aws-sdk ^2.1040.0 -> ^2.1048.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

aws/aws-sdk-js ### [`v2.1048.0`](​210480) [Compare Source]( - feature: ChimeSDKMessaging: The Amazon Chime SDK now supports updating message attributes via channel flows - feature: LookoutMetrics: This release adds support for Causal Relationships. Added new ListAnomalyGroupRelatedMetrics API operation and InterMetricImpactDetails API data type - feature: MediaConnect: You can now use the Fujitsu-QoS protocol for your MediaConnect sources and outputs to transport content to and from Fujitsu devices. - feature: Nimble: Amazon Nimble Studio adds support for users to upload files during a streaming session using NICE DCV native client or browser. - feature: QLDB: Amazon QLDB now supports journal exports in JSON and Ion Binary formats. This release adds an optional OutputFormat parameter to the ExportJournalToS3 API. - feature: Transfer: Property for Transfer Family used with the FTPS protocol. TLS Session Resumption provides a mechanism to resume or share a negotiated secret key between the control and data connection for an FTPS session. - feature: WorkMail: This release allows customers to change their email monitoring configuration in Amazon WorkMail. ### [`v2.1047.0`](​210470) [Compare Source]( - feature: CustomerProfiles: This release adds an optional parameter, ObjectTypeNames to the PutIntegration API to support multiple object types per integration option. Besides, this release introduces Standard Order Objects which contain data from third party systems and each order object belongs to a specific profile. - feature: DataSync: AWS DataSync now supports FSx Lustre Locations. - feature: DevOpsGuru: Adds Tags support to DescribeOrganizationResourceCollectionHealth - feature: Finspacedata: Make dataset description optional and allow s3 export for dataviews - feature: ForecastService: Adds ForecastDimensions field to the DescribeAutoPredictorResponse - feature: Imagebuilder: This release adds support for importing and exporting VM Images as part of the Image Creation workflow via EC2 VM Import/Export. - feature: Location: Making PricingPlan optional as part of create resource API. - feature: Redshift: This release adds API support for managed Redshift datashares. Customers can now interact with a Redshift datashare that is managed by a different service, such as AWS Data Exchange. - feature: SageMaker: This release adds a new ContentType field in AutoMLChannel for SageMaker CreateAutoMLJob InputDataConfig. - feature: SecurityHub: Added new resource details objects to ASFF, including resources for Firewall, and RuleGroup, FirewallPolicy Added additional details for AutoScalingGroup, LaunchConfiguration, and S3 buckets. ### [`v2.1046.0`](​210460) [Compare Source]( - feature: EC2: Adds waiters support for internet gateways. - feature: LexModelsV2: Added support for grammar slot type in Amazon Lex. You can author your own grammar in the XML format per the SRGS specification to collect information in a conversation. - feature: NetworkFirewall: This release adds support for managed rule groups. - feature: Route53Domains: Amazon Route 53 domain registration APIs now support filtering and sorting in the ListDomains API, deleting a domain by using the DeleteDomain API and getting domain pricing information by using the ListPrices API. - feature: Route53RecoveryControlConfig: This release adds tagging supports to Route53 Recovery Control Configuration. New APIs: TagResource, UntagResource and ListTagsForResource. Updates: add optional field `tags` to support tagging while calling CreateCluster, CreateControlPanel and CreateSafetyRule. ### [`v2.1045.0`](​210450) [Compare Source]( - feature: CloudWatchLogs: This release adds AWS Organizations support as condition key in destination policy for cross account Subscriptions in CloudWatch Logs. - feature: ComprehendMedical: This release adds a new set of APIs (synchronous and batch) to support the SNOMED-CT ontology. - feature: Iot: This release allows customer to enable caching of custom authorizer on HTTP protocol for clients that use persistent or Keep-Alive connection in order to reduce the number of Lambda invocations. - feature: LookoutVision: This release adds new APIs for packaging an Amazon Lookout for Vision model as an AWS IoT Greengrass component. - feature: Outposts: This release adds the UpdateOutpost API. - feature: SageMaker: This release added a new Ambarella device(amba_cv2) compilation support for Sagemaker Neo. ### [`v2.1044.0`](​210440) [Compare Source]( - feature: AppSync: AWS AppSync now supports custom domain names, allowing you to associate a domain name that you own with an AppSync API in your account. - feature: Location: This release adds support for Accuracy position filtering, position metadata and autocomplete for addresses and points of interest based on partial or misspelled free-form text. - feature: Route53: Add PriorRequestNotComplete exception to UpdateHostedZoneComment API ### [`v2.1043.0`](​210430) [Compare Source]( - feature: Rekognition: This release added new KnownGender types for Celebrity Recognition. ### [`v2.1042.0`](​210420) [Compare Source]( - feature: AmplifyUIBuilder: This release introduces the actions and data types for the new Amplify UI Builder API. The Amplify UI Builder API provides a programmatic interface for creating and configuring user interface (UI) component libraries and themes for use in Amplify applications. - feature: NetworkManager: This release adds API support for AWS Cloud WAN. - feature: RAM: This release adds the ability to use the new ResourceRegionScope parameter on List operations that return lists of resources or resource types. This new parameter filters the results by letting you differentiate between global or regional resource types. ### [`v2.1041.0`](​210410) [Compare Source]( - feature: DevOpsGuru: DevOps Guru now provides detailed, database-specific analyses of performance issues and recommends corrective actions for Amazon Aurora database instances with Performance Insights turned on. You can also use AWS tags to choose which resources to analyze and define your applications. - feature: DirectConnect: Adds SiteLink support to private and transit virtual interfaces. SiteLink is a new Direct Connect feature that allows routing between Direct Connect points of presence. - feature: DynamoDB: Add support for Table Classes and introduce the Standard Infrequent Access table class. - feature: EC2: This release adds support for Amazon VPC IP Address Manager (IPAM), which enables you to plan, track, and monitor IP addresses for your workloads. This release also adds support for VPC Network Access Analyzer, which enables you to analyze network access to resources in your Virtual Private Clouds. - feature: Kendra: Experience Builder allows customers to build search applications without writing code. Analytics Dashboard provides quality and usability metrics for Kendra indexes. Custom Document Enrichment allows customers to build a custom ingestion pipeline to pre-process documents and generate metadata. - feature: LexModelsV2: This release introduces a new feature, Automated Chatbot Designer, that helps customers automatically create a bot design from existing conversation transcripts. The feature uses machine learning to discover most common intents and the information needed to fulfill them. - feature: SageMaker: This release enables - 1/ Inference endpoint configuration recommendations and ability to run custom load tests to meet performance needs. 2/ Deploy serverless inference endpoints. 3/ Query, filter and retrieve end-to-end ML lineage graph, and incorporate model quality/bias detection in ML workflow. - feature: SageMakerRuntime: Adding new exception types for InvokeEndpoint - feature: Shield: This release adds API support for Automatic Application Layer DDoS Mitigation for AWS Shield Advanced. Customers can now enable automatic DDoS mitigation in count or block mode for layer 7 protected resources.


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