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Adds functionality to collect feedback from customers. Randomly ask users to share feedback after interacting with the Indicator and a certain period of time has passed

  • Displays the prompt once the 30 days have passed and the user has interacted with the Indicator at least 10 times
  • If dismissed, don't display for another 30 days
  • If clicked, don't display for another 30 days
  • Share these settings across Preview so users aren't bombarded with feedback requests. Added cookies to track the feedback loop
  • Updated tooltip to ensure that tooltip is not displayed and is not just invisible
  • Added tip to the tooltip



Add telemetry tracking for trailing slash option


Related Issues


Creates a new package that wraps sharp and is 100% async. When sharp throws an error when we requiring it, we will rebuild sharp once to see if that fixes the issue. Sharp broken binary is one of the error most people hit. This happens when people switch between os architectures (Windows, WSL, M1, Rosetta, ...)

This is helpful as we will be importing sharp into Gatsby by default so we want to be as resilient as possible.

This PR makes it easier to debug Content Sync. Sometimes we just want verbose mode for node manifests and don't need the additional noise of all other verbose logs. I also added a note on how to see full node manifest warnings using this new env var and in the conceptual guide I linked to source plugin author docs.

Minor updates